Pori Jazz 2020 is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tickets purchased for summer 2020 will remaind valid as such for Pori Jazz 2021.

All regular daily tickets for our main concerts are automatically changed into free-of-choice tickets, which can be used on any of the Pori Jazz 2021 main concert days. You don’t have to choose the day before the festival, so you can just arrive on the desired day to the concert venue with your 2020 ticket and get admission as such.

Pori Jazz VIP and Lounge tickets are valid as follows: ticket purchased for Thursday July 16th 2020 is now valid for Thursday July 15th 2021, ticket for Friday July 17th 2020 is valid for Friday July 16th 2021 and ticket for Saturday July 18th 2020 is valid for Saturday July 17th 2021.

Three-day-tickets for summer 2020 are valid as such for the Pori Jazz main concert days between July 15th and 17th 2021.

Two-day-tickets for summer 2020 are valid as such for the Pori Jazz main concert days according to the ticket type – for instance tehe ticket for Thursday and Friday in 2020 are valid for the same days in 2021.

Tickets for Pori Jazz 2021 are available at the Ticketmaster Finland. We’re offering daily tickets, free-of-choice tickets, 2 and 3 day tickets as well as Pori Jazz VIP and Lounge tickets for our main concerts at the Kirjurinluoto Concert Park in July.

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Refunds on tickets

Our festival has always been arranged by a non-profit association Pori Jazz 66 ry to which the cancellation of this years festival means great financial difficulties. The production of summer 2020 started already in the autumn of 2019, and it has already required us significant financial investments that we are unable to fully reverse. The majority of festival’s annual revenue is based on ticket sales, which now obviously is not happening. This is why we’re asking for your support and understanding in these difficult times.

We’d be very grateful if you could hold on to your tickets purchased for this year and use them in 2021. By doing so you’d help us to secure the future of our festival. However, we do understand that this might not be possible as the Covid-19 crisis affects us all.

If you wish to be refunded on your ticket, we can refund the actual ticket price, not the Ticketmaster service fee or shipping fee included in the complete price. Please note that the refund can only be claimed by the person or organisation who purchased the ticket. Requests for refunds must be made by July 31st 2020. Please send your request by using our return form.