Remembering Chick Corea

Chick Corea was scheduled to perform at Pori Jazz this summer. Unfortunately, it has been announced that the legendary musician and composer passed away on February 9th.

One of the masters of jazz is gone, but Mr. Corea’s music and legacy will live on forever. Pori Jazz will share more info on next summer’s programming in the coming weeks.


The lifetime achievements of Hector to be celebrated at Pori Jazz

One of the most legendary Finnish singer-songwriters, Hector will be celebrated at Pori Jazz next summer. The special concert on Friday, July 16 will feature both Hector himself and a topnotch band led by Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen playing Pöyhönens arrangements of Hector's vast production.

Known for his numerous timeles hits, Hector began his career in the mid 60s and has released 25 studio albums during five different decades. The concert in July will feature musician-composer Valtteri Laurell Pöyhönen, who’s the genius behind Ricky-Tick Big Band and Dalindeo. He’s making exciting new arrangements of Hector's songs to be performed by a special ensemble featuring some of the best Finnish jazz and rhythm aces.

True to the name of the concert Pöyhönen intends to challenge his imagination and take a new approach to Hector's songs. The concert was commissioned by Pori Jazz and will feature both Hector as well as other singers as soloists.

Several Finnish artists announced as well

The tickets for Pori Jazz 2021 are available at Ticketmaster Finland for a special S-Etukortti Card price until December 31st. In addition to the Hector concert, Pori Jazz has bolstered its programming with Vesta, Jesse Markin and Tuomo as well as the long awaited return of Quintessence.

Previously announced artists performing at Pori Jazz next summer include among others John Legend, Emeli Sandé and Chick Corea. The main concerts will be held between July 15th and 17th at the Kirjurinluoto Concert Park.


Pori Jazz 2020 cancelled

Finnish government has decided to ban large public events and gatherings in Finland up until July 31st 2020. Due to this resolution we regret to inform that Pori Jazz 2020 has been cancelled.

The 55th edition of Pori Jazz will be organised in July 2021 and the main concerts will be held at the Kirjurinluoto Concert Park between July 15th and 17th. This year's tickets vill remain valid for 2021.

Health and safety of the audience, performers and everyone else involved take precedence over everything else in our arrangements. We had hoped that we’d have been able to meet each other at the festival this summer, but it is now clear that the Covid-19 crisis is going to last all through the summer months.

Pori Jazz has been held annually since the summer of 1966, so the cancellation of this year’s festival is a huge disappointment to us all – including musicians, partners, subcontractors and all the event industry workers whose everyday life has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The intermediate year of the festival is also a big blow to the city of Pori as well as the entire Satakunta region.

Our festival has always been arranged by a non-profit association Pori Jazz 66 ry to which the cancellation of this years festival means great financial difficulties. The production of summer 2020 started already in the autumn of 2019, and it has already required significant financial investments which we are unable to fully reverse. The majority of the festival’s annual revenue is based on ticket sales, which now obviously is not happening. This is why we’re asking for your support and understanding in these difficult times.

We have started to work on Pori Jazz 2021 already, and our goal is to re-schedule this year's artists and acts to perform at the festival in 2021. More detailed information will be shared as soon as possible.

If you have already purchased your tickets for this yer, we offer you a chance to use the tickets in 2021. This requires no actions from you as all regular daily tickets are automatically changed into free-of-choice tickets which enable attending one of the main concert days in 2021. We’ll also offer a small surprise present to those customers who choose to keep their Pori Jazz 2020 tickets and use them in 2021. For more information please visit our website at

If you wish to be refunded on your ticket, we can refund the actual ticket price, not the Ticketmaster service fee or shipping fee included in the complete price. More info can be found in the tickets section.

We are truly grateful for all the support the friends of Pori Jazz have shown us through the years. The corona pandemic is causing worry and grief fo all of us, but we will overcome this together. We will inform you of our future plans as soon as possible but meanwhile, let’s be responsible in our actions and abide by the rules and regulations given by administrations and government authorities. Stay tuned!


The first 18 acts for 2021 announced!

Pori Jazz has announced the first 18 artists to perform at the 2021 festival including American megastar John Legend, British singer Emeli Sandé and jazz legend Chick Corea. Tickets for the 2021 festival in July are available at Ticketmaster Finland.

This year’s Pori Jazz was due to begin next week but the festival got cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The 55th Pori Jazz will be held between July 9th and 17th in 2021 with the main concerts scheduled for July 15th, 16th and 17th.

Pori Jazz had announced several artists for summer 2020 before the cancellation and of those artists Dido, Herbie Hancock and Shabaka & The Ancestors won’t be able to perform at the 2021 festival. Negotiations with other 2020 artists are ongoing and the festival will inform of the results as soon as possible. The program for Pori Jazz 2021 will be replenished in the forthcoming months.

Tickets available for a special S-Etukortti price

Tickets purchased for Pori Jazz 2020 are valid as such for the 2021 festival. All regular daily tickets will be automatically changed into Free-of-Choice tickets, which enable entrance to one of the main concerts between July 15th and 17th. One doesn’t have to choose the date before as the ticket can be used as such upon entrance on the desired main concert day.

Pori Jazz VIP and Pori Jazz Lounge tickets are valid upon the corresponding date - for instance ticket bought for Thursday, July 16th 2020 will be valid on Thursday, July 15h 2021. Same applies for Two-Day tickets for 2020 - for instance ticket bought for Thursday and Friday on 2020 are valid for Thursday and Friday on 2021. Three-Day-Tickets for 2020 are valid as such for 2021.

Pori Jazz 2021 tickets are available at Ticketmaster Finland. Daily tickets are available for a special S-Etukortti price when S-Etukortti card is presented upon purchase. The S-Etukortti price is available until December 31st 2020 or as long as the limited quota lasts. Also available are the regular daily tickets, Free-of-Choice tickets, tickets for two and three main concert days and VIP and Lounge tickets.

Tickets bought for summer 2020 can be returned according to the valid terms of delivery. Pori Jazz will return the ticket price excluding Ticketmaster’s service fee and shipping cost. The application for refund must be submitted via the refund form available at by July 31st 2020.


Tickets will remain valid for Pori Jazz 2021

Pori Jazz 2020 has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tickets purchased for this year's festival will remaind valid for Pori Jazz 2021. All regular daily tickets for our main concerts are automatically changed into free-of-choice tickets, which can be used on any of the Pori Jazz 2021 main concert days. You don’t have to choose the day before the festival, you can just arrive on the desired day to the concert venue with your 2020 ticket and get admission as such.

Pori Jazz VIP and Lounge tickets are valid as follows: ticket purchased for Thursday July 16th 2020 is now valid for Thursday July 15th 2021, ticket for Friday July 17th 2020 is valid for Friday July 16th 2021 and ticket for Saturday July 18th 2020 is valid for Saturday July 17th 2021.

Three-day-tickets for summer 2020 are valid as such for the Pori Jazz main concert days between July 15th and 17th 2021.

Two-day-tickets for summer 2020 are valid as such for the Pori Jazz main concert days according to the ticket type – for instance ticket for Thursday and Friday in 2020 are valid for the same days in 2021.

Tickets for Pori Jazz 2021 are available at the Ticketmaster Finland. We’re offering daily tickets, free-of-choice tickets, 2 and 3 day tickets as well as Pori Jazz VIP and Lounge tickets for our main concerts at the Kirjurinluoto Concert Park in July.


Poster for 2021 released

One of the cornerstones of the Pori Jazz identity is an annually changing festival poster. The posters have had a significant role since the very beginning in 1966 and a large number of Finnish and International designers have excelled in the art over the decades.

The poster for Pori Jazz 2020 was designed by American artist Tim Lahan, but the festival got cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the exceptional situation Pori Jazz decided not to break the tradition of annually changing posters. On the other hand the festival didn’t want to completely abandon the 2020 poster either. For these reasons an updated version of the 2020 poster was commissioned from Tim Lahan creating a new design based on the graphics of the 2020 poster thus featuring a touch of the cancelled festival in next year’s Pori Jazz.

The 55th Pori Jazz will be held in July 2021.

Click for a larger version


Important information regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 crisis and the exceptional circumstances caused by it are felt globally. However, the preparations for Pori Jazz 2020 are proceeding with hopeful wishes that the festival could be held this summer for the 55th time between July 10th and 18th.

Health and safety are at the very heart of everything we do. We’re in constant dialogue with various authorities. You’ll always find the latest and up-to-date information about Pori Jazz on our website and our social media channels.

Due to the current situation we’ve decided to continue our popular S-Etukortti offer until May 15th. Daily tickets are available for a special price starting from 75 Euros (incl. Ticketmasters service fee), when S-Etukortti card is presented upon purchase. Regular price for daily ticket is starting from 81 Euros (incl. Ticketmasters service fee). If the 2020 festival is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customers can either return the tickets and be refunded or they can use the tickets directly on 2021 festival.

We urge all friends of Pori Jazz to follow and abide the guidelines laid by government and other official authorities. We hope to see you soon!