It’s time for the 57th International Pori Jazz Festival!

Creating a successful festival is not a coincidence. It’s not up to just having reasonable weather or mega stars. More than anything else it’s about our production expertise acquired over the years. It’s about thorough understanding on how to create a balanced program, accepting and applying new ideas and developing the festival’s long-term image.

Producing the festival is a successful combination of co-operation between hired professionals and volunteers. A vast amount of work is done behind the scenes while creating a musically diverse jazz festival with wonderful amenities. The concept of jazz music is always changing and it’s there for all to enjoy.

The festival is guided by the same philosophy as at the beginning: Pori Jazz is an independent, uncommitted, fearless, incredible and free community.

In order for everyone to have a chance to experience the festival, the program consists of more than 70 percent of concerts that are free of charge!

Tickets for the festival are available at Ticketmaster.

Please note that only bank and credit card payments and contactless payment by phone (e.g. Apple/Google Pay) are accepted at Pori Jazz and all the festival’s sales points. Thank you for your consideration.