The environmental policy of Pori Jazz

The objective of Pori Jazz festival is to produce an overall experience for its clients. The core of the positive experience is artistically high-level jazz and rhythm music. As complementary elements, Pori Jazz offers a unique setting and good supplementary services. Pori Jazz wants to be a forerunner and a trend-setter as well as a leading festival also in environmental questions.

The activities are planned so that the matters related to the environment and services are dealt with the artistic and economic questions in an integrated manner.

The aim is to:

    minimise the use of natural resources,
    diminish the environmental load, and
    increase well-being of festival visitors and local citizens.

In environmental issues, Pori Jazz is committed to continuous improvement. The festival concentrates its efforts on the most important environmental effects of the activities, and the environmental operations are based on a management system which is also improved continuously. An essential part of the system is the follow-up with different stakeholders during and after every festival.

Pori Jazz complies with the environmental regulations concerning its activities but strives for a better performance than expected.

Special attention is paid to:

    tidiness and waste management,
    reducing the amount of waste generated, and

Pori Jazz is innovative in its business and environmental activities, working in close co-operation with the city of Pori and with other partners of the festival. Pori Jazz also requires commitment to high-level environmental performance from its partners and subcontractors.

The aims and actions related to environmental protection are based on the demands and wishes of all interest groups. Alternatives and opportunities are offered to the festival visitors instead of command and compulsion.