Pori Jazz Focuses on Social Responsibility

The Pori Jazz Festival aims at focusing increasingly on social responsibility. It has identified its key social and ethical responsibilities and strives to take them into consideration in its own work.

Pori Jazz principles of social responsibility are:

    Pori Jazz works and communicates in an open, trustworthy and righteous manner with corporate partners, the city of Pori, festival visitors, its own festival organisation, voluntary festival staff and the citizens of Pori
    Pori Jazz continues its long-standing work for a safe and healthy festival environment
    Physical and mental violence have no place in Pori Jazz
    Pori Jazz offers young people voluntary work opportunities that support their cultural and sports activities
    Pori Jazz aims at promoting the local jazz culture and at improving the possibilities for youth activities
    Pori Jazz corporate partners are high-standard enterprises recognising the responsibilities associated with good corporate citizenship

During the festival, these principles are put into practice for example as follows:

    The employment opportunities available during the festival are directed to selected stakeholder groups, e.g. local sports clubs and youth organisations.
    Co-operation with the police is continued in order to prevent violence and disturbances
    The festival works together with the city of Pori to ensure a good condition of parks, lawns, recreational areas and city environment in general, before, during and after the festival
    The environmental management programme, first introduced in an organised manner in 1996, is further developed
    2/3 of Pori Jazz festival concerts are admission-free
    The requirements for social responsibility will be extended to Pori Jazz corporate partners’ activities at the festival
    Pori Jazz will give an award to a young Finnish musician every year.