Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds to perform at Pori Jazz

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds are arriving in Finland after several years to perform at Pori Jazz on Thursday, July 19th. One of the most prestigious rock bands of our times is touring major European cities at the moment performing at large arenas and concert halls.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds were formed in 1983. The Australian band has sold more than five million albums worldwide and influenced the music of countless other bands and artists. Though singer-songwriter Nick Cave is the undisputed leading figure, the band is tight-knit and has sounded unique ever since their debut album From Her To Eternity (1984). Renowned charismatic rock icon Nick Cave is also known as an author, screenwriter and actor.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds released their 16th album Skeleton Tree in September 2016. The recording process of the album was heartbreakingly tragic as Nick Cave’s 15-year-old son died accidentally whilst it. The documentary One More Time With Feeling featuring the creative process behind the album is at least as impressive as the album itself.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have toured major European cities this fall receiving rave reviews. It doesn’t come as a surprise as Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds have always been known for their uniquely captivating and heady concerts. During the tour they’ve visited every other Nordic country except Finland where they last performed back in 2013.