Pori Jazz is one of the pioneering music festivals in Finland. The daring idea of organizing a festival dedicated to jazz music was born among brave jazz enthusiasts and musicians during the 1960’s, and the first Pori Jazz took place in July 1966. The beginnings were humble, but the festival soon started to grow bigger, year by year.

At the moment, Pori Jazz is one of the most renown and beloved summer events in Finland. It gathers crowds of 120,000 to 160,000 people every year. For the majority of the visitors, the festival has become an experience they look forward to repeating every summer.

Pori is located on the West coast of Finland, about 240 km from Helsinki, 110 km from Tampere and 140 km from Turku.

Information regarding the 2018 festival will be updated on this website during the winter. Please follow our news feed.

Welcome to Pori Jazz!