• 13.7. klo 19:15 | Main Stage

American band Wilco lead by singer-guitarist Jeff Tweedy will perform in Finland after several years as they play at Pori Jazz as a part of their European tour. For over two decades Wilco has been one of the most important and respected bands of alternative rock. Hailing from Chicago, the band began its career with alternative country but has since progressed towards more adventurous and varied directions. Their guitarist Nels Cline is also known for his solo career as a renowned jazz musician. Wilco combines elements from folk, Americana and art-rock and has released ten studio albums of which the most recent was released in autumn 2016. Wilco is known for its meandering and impressive concerts, which tend to last longer than regular concerts. They will also be getting wider timespan for their performance, than is regular at Pori Jazz.