• 15.7. klo 13:15 | Main Stage

Virta released their debut album in 2012 and let several years pass in the making of their sophomore album. It was very obvious that the decision was right because the second album Hurmos was splendid and it escorted the band into wider recognition. The trio comprises of trumpetist Antti Hevosmaa, guitarist Heikki Selamo and percussionist Erik Fräki who wish that new and younger audiences would find the pleasures of Jazz. On the other hand, Virta could be labeled as a rock band due to the influences of post-rock, jazz, and electronic music wich can be heard in their music. The result of the mix of these genres is a range of emotionally strong songs that really get their wings in live performances. Virta have raised curiosity internationally so it is very likely that this up-and-coming superband can soon be seen performing on the stages of the world.