The Bad Plus
  • 14.7. klo 21:00 | Lokki Stage

American band The Bad Plus has been one of the most interesting jazz ensembles for several decades. Pianist Ethan Iverson, bassist Reid Anderson and drummer Dave King first played together back in 1989, but they formed a trio at the break of the new millennium. Their critically acclaimed debut These Are The Vistas was released in 2003 – the album presenting an energetic power jazz trio covering pop and rock hits catapulted them into worldwide stardom. Since then their genres have broadened, and the band has focused more on their own original compositions. They’ve released piles of albums, and their latest one It’s Hard came out in 2016. On this album they returned to their origins and included songs from Prince, Peter Gabriel and Johnny Cash just to mention some of the artists covered. As all jazz acts, The Bad Plus is best experienced live.