Kirjuri All Stars + Osmo Ikonen
  • 13.7. klo 23:30 | Kirjurin kesäravintola
  • 21.7. klo 00:00 | Kirjurin kesäravintola

Kirjuri All Stars is a band comprising of a bunch of big names and they will be the house band of Kirjuri Summer Restaurant for this year’s festival. The line-up will vary from night to night, including saxophonist Aleksi Ahoniemi, guitarist  Riku Rajamaa, keyboard player Joonas Haavisto, bassist Heikki Laine, and drummer Tomi Salesvuo to name a few artists. Lead singers include Finnish vocalists, such as Osmo Ikonen, Sami Pitkämö, and Heini Ikonen who will take turns entertaining festival-goers.