Kingston Wall by JJylli, Kuoppis & VHB
  • 18.7. klo 15:30 | Main Stage

One of the most legendary prog/psych bands in Finnish rock, Kingston Wall went into hibernation in 1994. The hiatus seemed to become permanent when vocalist and guitarist Petri Walli soon afterwards committed suicide. He would have turned fifty in February which presented the remaining members with a perfect opportunity to revive the cult band for a handful of shows in the spring. Joining bassist Jukka Jylli and drummer Sami Kuoppamäki in the celebrations were prog trio Von Hertzen Brothers, all old friends of Walli as well. Since every club date was sold out in no time, the band decided to return to the stages for selected summer concerts. Thanks to their love of music and one another, the immortal music of Kingston Wall can now be experienced at Kirjurinluoto in Pori.