Jaska Lukkarinen Trio
  • 13.7. klo 13:15 | Main Stage
  • 13.7. klo 22:00 | Cafe Jazz

Jaska Lukkarinen is one of the most sought-after Finnish Jazz percussionists; therefore he has been playing with such orchestras as Dalindéo and Ricky-Tick Big Band. Valtteri Pöyhönen, the power house of Finnish jazz, has composed music for both of the bands mentioned above, and this time around Lukkarinen will be digging into his songs with his own trio. Their debut album Origami was a critical success this spring. The two other members of the trio are bassist Antti Lötjönen and saxophonist Jussi Kannaste who interpret virtuously Pöyhönen’s recognisable and familiar compositions. Their brilliant music-making is something to carry you away.