Betty Wright
  • 18.7. klo 18:50 | River Stage

Pori Jazz has featured several fine soul artists over the years and one more prominent name will be added to the roster this summer. American artist Betty Wright released her career back in 1968 when she released her very first studio album at the age of 14. In the 70’s this Miami-born singer came up with several soul classics, of which the most beloved and famous include “Tonight Is the Night” and “Clean Up Woman” later sampled by the likes of Mary J. Blige, Afrika Bambaata and Chance the Rapper. In addition to promoting her own career Betty Wright has been mentoring several younger artists and been the vocal coach for stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Gloria Estefan and Joss Stone. Wright is known for her broad vocal range. She’s a charismatic and irresistible performer whose short European tour extends to Pori Jazz.